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Seidl uses the peculiar relationship of Austrians to their basements as a way to pick away at the cracks between our public and our most private selves.

Read review Jessica Kiang
The Hollywood Reporter

This off-the-wall film essay entertains hugely while it makes the audience squirm in their seats.

Read review Deborah Young

Seidl often contemplates these individuals while they are still looking at the camera, in a type of fixed flat seeking humour undaunted and reveals the austrian as a morbid version of Wes Anderson.

Read review Nando Salvá

But if precise, clinical dissections of fetishes, freakishness and folly are your bag (and they?re so ours) you?ll find a great deal here to admire, laugh at and be oddly moved by, at least after the initial shock has worn off.

Read review Jessica Kiang
El País

Seidl found mixed answers to the question: what hide the austrians in the basement? None of them is reassuring.

Read review Jordi Costa
El Mundo

Everything in the movie scares, entertains and finally, horrorifies. Ordinary people that dynamite the word of ordinary. All that threatens to be normal exploits.

Read review Luis Martínez
New York Times

This often hilarious movie descends into the unseen spaces of Austrian homes -literally and figuratively- and creates a stage for their residents? fantasies of sex, violence and power.

Read review Nicolas Rapold

The director gets that reality seems to fiction. And, when we are immersed in his game, he allowed the luxury of make us understand that matters little what is real and what not.

Read review Sergi Sánchez

Others, meanwhile, will accuse Seidl of not being objective enough, as his stylistic affectations and interferences with reality may create aberrance or uncanniness where there is none.

Read review Guy Lodge
La Vanguardia

As austrian laughs at his compatriots ruthlessly imposed by distance and respect. As good filmmaker he knows descend towards those basements of rot. These basements are catacombs of human misery.

Read review Salvador Llopart