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Year: 2019
Original Title: In the Tall Grass
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Studios: Netflix
Distributor: Netflix

Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 04 2019

United States: October 04 2019


Ranking: 442 out of 15,561 movies (up 343)


4.4 by 4 users

7.7 by 3 media


Film adaptation of the namesake novel of Stephen King whose story focuses on two brothers: Becky and Cal. Both, focused on a road trip, suddenly hear the cry of a child who desperately asks for help and decides to help. This will end up reaching a huge and vast field of tall grass in Kansas, but they will be trapped in it with a friend of theirs, who came to rescue them, and the child's parents. They will discover the evil that lurks near them. The film is directed by Vincenzo Natali, who has already shown his talent with other films such as "Cube". In addition to Patrick Wilson will be the protagonist of the film.


Cast In the Tall Grass

Will Buie Jr.

Will Buie Jr.

Tobin Humbolt

Avery Whitted

Avery Whitted

Cal Demuth

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Natalie Humboldt

Tiffany Helm

Tiffany Helm

Gas Station Attendant


Trivia In the Tall Grass

Based on the horror novella "In The Tall Grass" by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Patrick Wilson stepped in for James Marsden, who departed the project following scheduling issues with 'Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood'.