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Year: 2019
Original Title: In the Tall Grass
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Studios: Netflix
Distributor: Netflix
Age rating: Suitable only for 15 years and over

Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 04 2019

United States: October 04 2019


Ranking: 3,174 out of 15,909 movies (up 787)


4.5 by 6 users

7.7 by 3 media


The movie tells the story of two siblings, Becky and Cal DeMuth, who are inseparable. Both find themselves in a road trip to San Diego. Becky starts feeling sick due to her pregnancy and Cal decided to stop close to a grass field. During the stop, they hear the screams of what it seems a young boy who asks for help. Becky goes inside the big grass field followed by her brother. Soon, the two siblings get lost. Even though their intention is to get out of the field, they see that the place is very strange and it seems endless. Beside, the grass scratches a bit of their legs. Suddenly, Becky and Cal hear other voices, as their friend?s, Travis, who has gone there to rescue them. But how could he go there before them? The parents of the young boy got also lost when they tried to look for their kid, but they will find some of the other three characters. Cal will find the kid, but what he says sounds a little bit creepy: you can find things better when they are dead. 'In the high grass' is an adaptation of the homonyms novel of Stephen King, written in 2012. The movie is directed by Vincenzo Natali ('Cube', 'Hannibal') and starred by Laysla De Oliveira ('Acquainted', 'One by One'), Avery Whitted ('Sidney Hall'), Patrick Wilson ('Annabelle Comes Home', 'The Nun'), Will Buie Jr. ('Daytime Divas') y Harrison Gilbertson ('Need for Speed', 'Look Away'), among others. Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast In the Tall Grass

Will Buie Jr.

Will Buie Jr.

Tobin Humbolt

Avery Whitted

Avery Whitted

Cal Demuth

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Natalie Humboldt

Tiffany Helm

Tiffany Helm

Gas Station Attendant


Trivia In the Tall Grass

Based on the horror novella "In The Tall Grass" by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Patrick Wilson stepped in for James Marsden, who departed the project following scheduling issues with 'Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood'.