Independence Day: Resurgence
Independence Day: Resurgence

'Independence Day: Resurgence' trivia and fun facts

Will Smith was supposed to come back for ''Independence Day: Resurgence'', but 20th Century Fox didn't want to pay him the 50 million dollars he asked for.

Maika Monroe replaces Mae Whitman as Patricia Whimtore. Whitman hasn't made any official statements, but a series of tuits seem to imply that she never got any word from the studio to come back.

20th Century Fox wanted an 'Independence Day' sequel very fast when they succeeded with the first one. Dean Devlin started working on a script after earning a very interesting offer. However, he decided to return the money because he couldn't find a story that would live to the expectations. Fifteen years later, the writer got in touch again with the studio: he had found the right story.

Jessie Usher plays Will Smith's character's step-son in ''Independence Day: Resurgence'', and Liam Hemsworth plays Bill Pullman's character's son-in-law.

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