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Invisibles's user reviews

El País

The movie stands itself in the word and talent of three actresses able to fill the aspects of the most incidental and banal conversation, in which the last truth that struggles to come out hides.

Read review Elsa Fernández-Santos

Fear to loneliness, progressive loss of the youthful appeal or reduction of the personal and professional motivation turn the film into a feminine and very personal look. Strong background also in the most realistic friendship, outside archetypes and the more cunning prestablished cannons.

Read review Miguel Ángel Romero
El Periódico

It's a pity that they try to cover too many things in this conversations of existencial and mundane relief, and that these dialogues turn to be a little bit placed, something that these three incredible actresses have to fight against.

Read review Beatriz Martínez
El Mundo

The director from Madrid comes back with a kind, little and modest production, surround by an intelligent minimalism that gives all the spotlight to the dialogues and the very talented actress who have the mission to turn them into something that exudes life and truth and shows that its characters have superpowers besides invisibility, also courage, illusion, intelligence and hope.

Read review Alberto Luchini

Adriana Ozores, always on Gracia's movies, and the debutants in it Emma Suárez and Nathalie Pozan achieve to squeeze every spark and tear to the maze of worry, hormones and passions that are hidden in the black box.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante

There is no in this script some consideration for the fact that women are the main characters, but the desire, clear and very welcomed, to talk about contradictions, suffering that are what they are because of habit and education, but also the weakness of each one of them.

Read review Mirito Torreiro