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Year: 2019
Original Title: Invisibles
Genre: Drama


Ranking: 10,022 out of 15,704 movies (up 1590)


The movie tells the story of three women, Julia, Elsa and Amelia, three friends who are at the verge of their fifties. One day they decide to start taking walks together once a week. It is a way to get distracted and do some physical activity in their lives. These meetings become a some sort of need because it?s a way to know each other better and know what happens in the lives of the other women. Step by step, they will discover that friendship is not something idyllic or exactly how you imagine it. Sometimes friendship is about keeping secrets and lying. According to Querejeta, ?these are women who have left their forties a while ago and perceive the passing of time as some kind of fog that falls over them, as a cape that turns them into more and more invisible for the society?. Gracia Querejeta is a director known for movies such as ?Seven Billiard Tables? and ?15 Years and One Day?, among others. ?Invisibles? is starred by Emma Suárez (?Destination Love?, ?Criminal: Spain?), Adriana Ozores (?No lo llames amor... llámalo X?, ?Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam?), Fernando Cayo (?Money Heist?, ?Dangerous Moms?), Nathalie Poza (?While at War?, ?Cathedral of the Sea?) and Blanca Portillo (?I Know Who You Are?, ?Promesas de arena?), among others. Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast Invisibles