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It - Chapter 2's user reviews


A psychologically merciless sequel, everything here is as it should be: deeper, scarier, funnier. Muschietti in particular has stepped up, skilfully guiding us through a rollicking funhouse. It is obscenely entertaining.

Read review Alex Godfrey
USA Today

However solid the grown-ups are, the youngsters together ? whether in the first film or the sequel ? make ?It? shine.

Read review Brian Truitt
The Wrap

It Chapter Two is a much grander project than the first film.

Read review Dan Callahan

It?s a whole lot less scary or fun the second time around. A meandering script and played-out scares keep it from rising to the top.

Read review Kate Erbland
The Hollywood Reporter

Though Muschietti occasionally finds lovely filmic ways to transition from one to the next, the stories don't get to resonate with each other in a meaningful or emotional way ? as they might in a series of well crafted hour-long episodes.

Read review John DeFore
Time Out

Even as it drifts into narrative indiscipline, you appreciate the movie?s attempt to make sense of a troubled, beclowned present.

Read review Joshua Rothkopf

It: Chapter Two is much longer than it needs to be, but it builds to something significant ? and a lot of that filler feels justifiable in terms of how audiences? consumption patterns are changing.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Playlist

Despite some misplaced comedy, a few questionable creative decisions, and tonal inconsistencies, It: Chapter Two brings it all home with a remarkable third act that provides one of the most relatable, moving, and emotionally satisfying conclusions.

Read review Griffin Schiller
Entertainment Weekly

The main problem with Chapter Two is that it goes on, and on, for so very long. If brevity is not necessarily the soul of a good scare, it would certainly serve a story that sends in the clowns, and then lets them just stay there ? leering and lurking and chewing.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
The Guardian

Like the first film, it becomes a virtual non-narrative anthology of standard jump-scares that could be reshuffled and shown in any order. The second time around, your tolerance for this is tested to destruction and beyond because, unlike the first movie, it is just so pointlessly long.

Read review Peter Bradshaw