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Última hora Naya Rivera de 'Glee' muere a los 33 años

'Jojo Rabbit' trivia and fun facts

Based on a novel The film is based on the the novel 'Caging Skies' by author Christine Leunens.
Toronto Film Festival The film triumphed at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival by winning the Audience Award.
Together again Scarlett Johansson and Taika Waititi also starred together in "Avengers: Endgame"
Waititi as Hitler When Taika Waititi, who is Maori/Jewish, was asked about why he chose to play the role of Adolf Hitler he said "The answer's simple, what better 'fuck you' to the guy?"
Stylish war Taika Waititi discovered in his research that WWII Germany was very vibrant and fashionable, and was interested in shying away from traditional war films showing it as dreary and dark, instead presenting the town as a seemingly celebratory place and dressing characters as stylishly as possible. He liked the idea that everything seems happy, but just underneath the surface "the third Reich is crumbling, and, you know, the dream is over."
For his mum Taika Waititi described the film as a love letter to his mother, and single parents everywhere: "It wasn't until I was a grown up and I had kids of my own that I realized 'oh, these parent people, they make a lot of sacrifices, it's really hard raising a kid!'"
English and German Even though the spoken dialogue is all in English, all written or printed text in the movie is in German.