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Juanita's user reviews

New York Times

The film is a testament to how necessary and urgent it is for black women to embark on purely selfish adventures in order to rediscover themselves.

Read review Candice Frederick
The Guardian

The film strikes a balance between grim observation and quirky humor, and it doesn?t always succeed. (...) So much seems to happen, yet dramatic events fail to provide the film with a propulsive force.

Read review Hubert Adjei-Kontoh
The Hollywood Reporter

But even though the movie lacks cohesion and offers mostly one-dimensional characters, somehow the watch isn?t as painful as it should be.

Read review Beandrea July
Roger Ebert

The only thing keeping this movie from completely driving off the road is Alfre Woodard, one of the few actresses who could make some sense of this mixed-up Juanita.

Read review Monica Castillo