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Year: 2018

Original Title: Kedarnath

Country: India

Genre: Drama, Romance


Release Dates

United Kingdom: December 07 2018

United States:


Ranking: 2,618 out of 14,673 movies (up 1012)


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A wealthy Hindu girl named Mukku goes on a pilgrimage to the Uttarakhand mountains to find the Kedarnath Temple. On her journey she meets Mansoor, a young Muslim boy, who helps her on her way through the mountains. He becomes a form of guide on her journey, and their relationship becomes closer. The pair are confronted by the prejudice of their families, due to their opposing religions and social statuses. Suddenly devastating rainstorms take over, flooding the Uttarakhand region, and the couple are forced to fight for their own lives, and their love faces the ultimate test.


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