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Kiki, Love to Love's user reviews


Each and every one of the actors perform outstandingly, as expected (...) Everything that could go wrong with Paco León goes well. And very good.

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo
El País

The filmmaker has tackled the project with exquisite taste and aesthetic north (...) a healthy film to live.

Read review Jordi Costa
The Hollywood Reporter

As a director, Leon has the ability to draw strikingly natural performances his characters (...) There?s an acidic criticism of what it means to be ?normal? in our society.

Read review Jonathan Holland

His weapon is the naturalness and urban dialogues that entwines well with the subconscious (and conscious) of viewers.

Read review José Manuel Cuéllar

The director takes his ground and ends inundating with his powerful personality, and his freshness and spontaneity usual (...) For collectors happy comedies.

Read review Beatriz Martínez
El Mundo

A comedy of manners that radiates freshness, impertinence, provocation, pointedly, political incorrectness and ironic.

Read review Alberto Luchini
La Vanguardia

An innate ability for dialogue: his creatures speak in torrents, have a need to express themselves verbally very pronounced.

Read review Jordi Battle Caminal