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'Kiki, Love to Love' trivia and fun facts

Third film It's the third film directed by Paco León.
Without Carmina It's the first feature film directed by Paco León that it isn't related with his mother, Carmina Barrios.
Bisexuality Paco León talked publicly about his bisexuality while he was advertising the film.
Belén Cuesta Belén Cuesta's character has a monologue similar to Carmina Barrios in 'Carmina o revienta' o 'Carmina y amén'.
A same name Most of the characters have the same names as the actors who play them.
Remake It's a remake of Australian film 'The Little Death', produced in 2014.
Original character Belén Cuesta's character was expressly created for the Spanish version.
The ass of Paco León Paco Leon shows his ass in a sex scene that was eliminated from the final film editing.
Beyond Because of film was successful, it was created a play spin-off: 'Kiki Kagaseya'.
'Kiki' Paco León wrote lyrics for a movie song.