Kindergarten Cop 2

Kindergarten Cop 2
Poster Kindergarten Cop 2

Title: Kindergarten Cop 2

Original Title: Kindergarten Cop 2

Year: 2016



A clumsy detective who must investigate the disappearance of a flash drive that contains committed on Federal Witness Protection Program information. As is clear from the title, the flash unit has finished who knows how inside a classroom of a kindergarten, where Lundgren must go undercover to retrieve it. Sequel to the blockbuster movie in the 90s, this time starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Austrian actor replaces one Swedish, Lundgren, similar to those of Arnold physiological traits.



Don Michael Paul Don Michael Paul


'Kindergarten Cop 2' Trailer 0:32

'Kindergarten Cop 2' Trailer

February 16 2016

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