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Year: 2018

Original Title: La ch'tite familie

Country: France

Length: 106 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Family

Studios: Pathé

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Ranking: 581 out of 14,254 movies (up 491)


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'La ch'tite familie' is directed by Dany Boon, actor and director of great recognition in France, who brings spectators closer to the clash of civilizations between the North of France, rural and endearing, and Paris, cosmopolitan and hostile. On this occasion, Boon presents a character who denies his rural origins and creates a new identity as a designer in the big city, far from his family. Dany Boon also stars in the film, in the role of designer fashion designer, and is accompanied by Laurence Arné, who plays his superficial wife. The bizarre northern family is composed of Line Renaud ('Welcome to the North'), Guy Lecluyse ('Welcome to the North'), Valérie Bonneton, François Berléand ('The Chorus') and Pierre Richard. Valentin D is a hot designer architect who claims to be an orphan because he is too ashamed to admit he is the son of working-class scrap metal merchants from the north of France. Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast La ch'tite familie

Line Renaud


Guy Lecluyse


Dany Boon

Valentin D.

Laurence Arné

Constance Brandt

François Berléand

Constance's father



Trivia La ch'tite familie

According to Dany Boon, the first ideas of the Scenario date back to 2011. Dany Boon directs and stars in this comedy about french stereotypes, like he did in 'Welcome to the Sticks'.