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The Summit's user reviews


"Cinema is politics and positioning, Santiago Mitre's ('El estudiante', 'Paulina') too. However, in his third film, he bets more on the polanskian shadows of the game, on the paranoia of its tone, on the uneasy atmosphere."

Read review Álex Montoya
The Hollywood Reporter

Never manages to articulate a more nuanced idea than the fact that politicians are people, too.

Read review Boyd van Hoeij
El Mundo

"To the, let's say, official plot, the filmmaker adds a few complementary narrative threads that get 'The Summit' closer to, among other things, a psychological thriller. However, it's in the malfunction between these threads [...] where the weakness appear and ballast somehow the greatness of this proposal, that when is good, is exceptional."

Read review Alberto Bermejo

The film treats politics as a transactional enterprise performed by competent actors with differing interests and incentives. If the film just stayed in that register, it could totally work.

Read review Ben Croll

"Santiago Mitre asks: is the president of Argentina good or bad? We answer: if Ricardo Darín performs him, he is great."

Read review Cinemanía
El Periódico

"Director Santiago Mitre sets out various parallel plots but he has not enought time to develop them and, in consequence, the whole film is perceived as uncomplete."

Read review Nando Salvà

It?s just a shame that, for all this surface slickness, Mitre and co-writer Mariano Llinás can?t find a more conclusive finale.

Read review Jessica Kiang