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La reina de España's user reviews

New York Times

"Mr. Trueba skillfully blends genuine and mock period footage to conjure the era, while Mandy Patinkin, as a blacklisted screenwriter; Cary Elwes, as a loutish American leading man; and Clive Revill, sending up John Ford, ably help represent the Hollywood contingent."

Read review Andy Webster

"Trueba loads his movie with so many inside jokes, it would be impossible to count them all. John Scott is a John Ford knock-off complete with eye-patch, except Ford was a brilliant director until his last completed picture, not some alcoholic has-been."

Read review Jay Weissberg
Roger Ebert

"As a type of tribute to Cruz that collects her many skills into one movie, ?The Queen of Spain? makes its tiny impression on movie history. But we don?t need a film like this to tell us that she?s acting royalty"

Read review Nick Allen
The Guardian

"here?s a kind of excitable silliness in this disposable, film-within-a-film comedy from Fernando Trueba, starring Penélope Cruz."

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The Hollywood Reporter

"Camp art director Castillo (Santiago Segura, a good comedian but an actor with a limited range), grande dame actress and recovered alcoholic Rosa Rosales (Rosa Maria Sarda) and Spanish machista Julian Torralba (Jorge Sanz, happily delivering a career-best comic performance). The German stereotypes of Dreams are here swapped for American stereotypes, including the growling, eye-patched John Ford-like director John Scott (a distinguished, 86-year old Clive Revill)."

Read review Jonathan Holland