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'The Endless Trench' trivia and fun facts

An issue that has been discussed before In 2008 the topic of moles was discussed during the post-war years in Spain in the film 'Los girasoles ciegos', by José Luis Cuerda.
Set in Andalusia The film is set in any village of Andalusia and, as Belén Cuesta and Antonio de la Torre are from Málaga, they were the managers of giving the needed reality to the script, so the directors have to pay so much attention if they didn't want to be lost.
Divided in two parts The filming was divided in two parts for letting his main character, Antonio de la Torre, to get fat and in that way, make credible his aging.
The director's organization In preproduction and postproduction the three directors were together, but during the filming, two of them were with the actors and the other one with the technical team.
The duration The directors tried a version of two hours, but they felt it didn't work and finally the film is around 147 minutes.
Based on a documentary The film is based on a documentary called '30 years of darkness', by Manuel H. Martín, produced by La Claqueta, who also collaborates in the film.
Two points of view The film counts with two points of view: what Higinio (Antonio de la Torre) sees and what it's happening outside.