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Le Doulos's user reviews

The Guardian

Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, it's knee-deep in shadows, intrigue and suspicion and characters with perfectly tilted hats but shifty morals (Le Doulos means both a hat and an informer and the Coens' hat fetish in Miller's Crossing may well have started here.

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Roger Ebert

To see both Belmondo and Piccoli in 1962 is to be reminded how early they embodied their distinctive screen presences: Piccoli, the balding, saturnine slickster with the five-o?clock shadow, and Belmondo, the oily outlaw punk.

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Time Out

Terrific performances, and equally terrific camerawork from Nicolas Hayer - more gris than noir - conjure a rivetingly treacherous, twilit world.

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A thriller that tries to articulate a history of feelings found and hopeless on the eternal and ambiguous subject of the betrayal.

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