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Year: 2018

Original Title: Life of the Party

Length: 105 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Studios: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 11 2018

United States: May 11 2018


Ranking: 837 out of 14,744 movies (up 571)


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Before marrying and having children, Deanna made the decision to not go to university. Now, some years later, after her husband leaves her, Deanna decides not to deal with the separation in the stereotypical way. Instead, she rids her house of, and burns, her husbands belongings, before taking the brave decision to start all over again and go to university. It just so happens that Deanna ends up at the same university, in the same class and even the same sorority as her daughter. Although she?s not pleased about having her mother join her, Deanna's daughter soon begins to accept her and introduces her to all of the experiences she missed out on in her youth. We?re talking, parties, alcohol and meaningless sex in very public places. Melissa McCarthy plays Deanna, in 'Life of the Party' directed by Ben Falcone.


Cast Life of the Party