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Little Joe's user reviews


?Little Joe? can be seen as a direct attack on anyone who?s ever appreciated the benefits of a mood-enhancing pharmaceutical, either firsthand or otherwise; the movie isn?t the least bit subtle in its suggestion that people on Prozac are addicted to their own well-being, and that their dependency siphons away at the full spectrum of who they are.

Read review David Ehrlich
Screen Daily

A clinically stylised commentary on the hubris of humanity and the commodification of happiness, 'Little Joe' tells of a brilliant plant designer who starts to believe that her latest creation.

Read review Wendy Ide
The Guardian

It?s a quasi sci-fi chiller about people?s behaviour and language being creepily altered; perhaps its numb weirdness is down to a director with no instinctive feeling for the English language. But it?s a fascinating looking film, shot in a cold, clear, crisply refrigerated style that provides an exhilaration of its own.

Read review Peter Bradshaw