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London Has Fallen's user reviews

The Playlist

Brash, brutal, and simplistic in equal measure, it's a retrograde work that, for better and worse, delivers its old-school mayhem with punishing precision and unrepentant glee.

Read review Nick Schager
The Hollywood Reporter

While not nearly as elaborate, nor as visually sophisticated as the last Mission: Impossible outing or the most recent Bonds, London Has Fallen is actually more plausible at its core, if not in its details, which is partly why it succeeds in laying claim to an audience's attention for the entirety of its swift running time

Read review Todd McCarthy
The Guardian

There is some surreal fun at the beginning as everything collapses.... But then it's the same thing over again.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
Time Out

It's all so overly macho that it plays like a camp pleasure-cruise.

Read review Kate Lloyd

It's a film that doesn't so much invite you to switch off your brain as take it out and dump it in the nearest popcorn box.

Read review William Thomas