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'Long Shot' trivia and fun facts

'Black Panther' A reference is made to 'Black Panther' (2018), a film that Andy Serkis is in.
A jacket with a story The sporty blue jacket that Seth Rogens wears in the movie was used during the 80's by Belgium athletics teams. In it it's written "Looise A.V" which stands for "Looise Atletiek Verenigin" o "Looise's atlethics club".
A good comparative It is shown a picture of Jennifer Lawrence to make a comparative with Charlotte. Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence starred together in The Burning Plain, in which they played the young and the adult versions of the same character respectively.
About 'Friends' Jennifer Aniston is mentioned in a dialogue in the film which involves her being a TV-Actress before succeeding as a cinema star. Funny part is that Lisa Kudrow also star in this film, she appeared in TV Show 'Friends' in the role of Phoebe.
Pretending another age In the film Seth Rogen and O'Shea Jackson Jr play college roommates but in real life Seth Rogen is nine years older than O'Sea Jackson Jr.
Running into other films This film is the fifth film collaboration between Seth Rogen and Randall Park, following 'The interview', 'Neighbors', 'The disaster artist' and the night before. But they don't appear on screen together in all these films.
Everybody on 'Arrested Development' Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen and Bob Odenkirk appeared in the tv serie 'Arrested Development' but in differents episodes. Seth Rogen was young George Bluth in season 4, Charlize Theron was the love of Michael Bluth in season 3 and Bob Odenkirk appear in just one episode playing Lindsay and Tobias' marriage counsellor in season 1.