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'Malasaña 32' trivia and fun facts

Top-notch professionals The film is directed by Albert Pintó, one of spain's most talented young directors and, among the team, David Martí and Montse Ribé, responsible for the special effects of 'The Orphanage' or 'Mama', among others.
Based on real events The film is based en real events and stories that happened in the 70s.
The adress Manuela Malasaña, 32 doesn't exist The number 32 of Manuela Malasaña street doesn't really exist. The street goes up to number 30.
An unknown cast The actors are faces unknowns because the director thinks that "the horror is scarier when you don't know so much the characters".
A different character for Botet Among the cast we find Javier Botet, an actor who use to be the monsters of the horror films, but this time he will be the property manager.
The locations Although the movie has been filmed in different parts of the Malasaña neighborhood, in the trailer we can identify the front set in San Bernardino Street, corner with Dos Amigos.
The main actress Although they were looking for an actress younger because the main character is only 16, Begoña Vargas (20) convinced the production company to keep the role.