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'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' trivia and fun facts

Ben Affleck met with Christian Bale in a costume shop in which both were buying a Batman costume for their kids. Affleck took the opportunity to seek advice from Bale who told him to make sure he could go to the bathroom in the suit.
Ben Affleck says that he was warned by Warner Bros about going online after the announcement of his casting because of the possible public backlash.
Henry Cavill managed to get twice as muscle for this film than he did for 'The Man of Steel'. His coach says that this was possible because the actor had kept the body of Superman quite well.
When Warner Bros. executives saw a rough cut of the film, they were so impressed that decided it was better to make three Batman films instead of one, as planned.
Ben Affleck says that he asked if he could keep the Batman costume after filming concluded. Apparently when he was told he had to pay $100,000 for it, he changed his mind.
Hans Zimmer wrote a separate theme for each superhero of the film except for Batman.
When he learned that he would be Batman, Ben Affleck started training two hours a day to get ready for the role.
This is the first film based on the Trinity comic series, which tells the adventures of the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team.
This is the tenth time that Batman is portrayed on the big screen since his first appearance in 1943. Superman have been portrayed in the cinema sixteen times since 1939.
The Superman costume is brighter in this film, which has lightened the blue so that the outfit were more faithful to the comics.