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Marie-Francine's user reviews


"It is clear that with these plot lines, a filmmaker can bitter your afternoon and make you feel all the disgusting life, family, sex and kitchens of the restaurants, but fortunately Lemercier wipes the reality and leave this movie endearing, fun and even optimistic (a little)"

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante
El Periódico

"The potential of the film as an acid farce about the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of the bourgeoisie is wasted because of its interest in good feelings"

Read review Nando Salvà
The Hollywood Reporter

"Bittersweet, with the emphasis on bitter"

Read review Boyd van Hoeij
Le Monde

"A romantic comedy with 50-year-old protagonists. Starting from this small scriptwriting challenge, Valérie Lemercier imagined the situation of Marie-Francine and Miguel, both forced to return to live with their parents after being dismissed from their job"

Read review Isabelle Regnier