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Year: 2017

Original Title: Marie-Francine

Country: France

Length: 95 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Studios: Rectangle Productions, TF1 Films Production

Release Dates

United States:


Ranking: 462 out of 14,571 movies (up 194)


3.0 by 1 users

5.3 by 3 media


Valérie Lemercier ('The Visitors', 'Palais royal!') keeps on the track of her work as a helmer in this film in which she plays the main character: Marie-Francine. At 50, Marie-Francine is forced to return to her parents' home. With a failed marriage on her back and after being fired from work, our protagonist arrives to her old home to realize that her mom and dad still treat her as if she were still five years old. Marie-Francine accepts to work at the family's small electronic cigarettes store, and there, she will meet Miguel, who is in the exact same position as her, but doesn't dare to tell her. French actor and comedian Patrick Timsit plays Miguel in this French comedy, that invites us to not let go of our young spirit... even when we are 50.


Cast Marie-Francine

Valérie Lemercier

Valérie Lemercier

Marie-Francine Doublet / Marie-Noëlle

Patrick Timsit

Patrick Timsit

Miguel Maraõ

Philippe Laudenbach

Philippe Laudenbach

Pierric Legay

Hélène Vincent

Hélène Vincent

Annick Legay

Denis Podalydès

Denis Podalydès

Emmanuel Doublet