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Mary Shelley's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

"A passionate film about a woman's ideas (...) Despite some weaknesses in history and rhythm, Al Mansour and actress Elle Fanning achieve many good things."

Read review Deborah Young

"Filmed in an impressive way and with an honest feminist flare, the film is weakened by a confused and clumsy script and an important lack of thematic focus".

Read review Andrew Barker
The Playlist

"A movie that desperately needs an electric shock, 'Mary Shelley' is just another cinematic corpse on the table."

Read review Kevin Jagernauth
Screen Daily

"The result is an intelligent balance between romantic drama and literary biography (...) The script delights in the way words can excite, provoke and seduce".

Read review Allan Hunter
The Wrap

"Although 'Mary Shelley' has its exciting moments, many of them thanks to Shelley's prose, tend to lose the thread in the pretentious parts of the melodrama".

Read review Steve Pond