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Year: 2018
Original Title: L'enfant et le lion blanc
Length: 98 minutes
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Family
Studios: Canal+

Release Dates

United States: April 12 2019


Ranking: 821 out of 16,241 movies (up 216)


8.6 by 7 users

7.0 by Movie'n'co

4.9 by 7 media


Mia's life changes completely when her family decides to leave London and move to Africa to take care a lion farm. At the beginning, she is really angry about it, until she meets Charlie, a white lion with whom she creates a unbreakable bond. When the lion turns three years old, Mia finds out about a really dark secret that her father is hiding; so she decides to run away with Charlie to avoid that he suffers any harm. Both set out in an aventure in the African Savannah, looking for a place where Charlie can live in freedom. The movie is directed by Gilles de Maistre. It was filmed in three years. The cast is formed by Mélanie Laurent ('Inglorious Bastards'), Langley Kirkwood ('Banshee') and Daniah de Villiers, who will be incarnating the main character.


Cast Mia and the White Lion


Trivia Mia and the White Lion

Upon getting the idea for the film, co-writer/director Gilles de Maistre asked specialist Kevin Richardson about the possibility of filming a child with a lion. He was told that it would be impossible, as the only way for the lion not to harm the child would be that they grow up together, a three year process for a lion and much too long for a film shoot. Undeterred, de Maistre found Daniah De Villiers a young, South African girl already familiar with lions to grow up with the titular white lion cub, and shot the film over two and half years, from May 2015 to December 2017, with the other actors regularly flying in to shoot their scenes. 'Mia and the White Lion' recount the friendship between a child and a wild animal, a relationship that was provoked by the production that cast more than 300 children in South Africa before finding Daniah De Villiers who embodies Mia. Daniah De Villiers spent three days with Thor, the lion, for three years, while the filming took place in four blocks during this period. After all this time in the bush, the girl had to leave the lion and resume a normal life, which was a real tear. She returns however to see Thor regularly. For Kevin Richardson, the most complicated thing was finding parents crazy enough to let their child participate in such an adventure. Filming was normal until the lion was a year and a half old. There, the team has folded in cages because lions go through 2 years a period that can be likened to adolescence.