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'Mid90s' trivia and fun facts

A scene to make up Jonan Hill admited that he was affraid of being called problematic for repeating all the time words like "fagg*t" throughout the movie and considered to shoot a scene in which they discussed if it was okey or not to say it. He showed the scene to producer Scott Rudin, who is gay, and he said: "would you have had this conversation back then?" and Joanh said: "No", so Rudin considered that: "it would have been more offesive to make up that scene than to really show what happened".
16 mm. The entire movie is filmed on 16 millimeters.
Influences Some of the influences that lead Jonah Hill to make this movie were 'Kids' (1995), 'Ratcatcher' (1999) and 'The Sandlot' (1996).
True experiences The dialogue occuring in the skate's shop about Beverly Hills is based on a real Na'kel Smith's experience.
returning actors Some of the actors from 'Mid90s' also appeared briefly in 'Dont Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot', another film directed by Jonah Hill.
Partying director Jonah hill left the reunion of production from the movie to assist to a post-premiere album party of Kanye West.
Big advices Before the shooting started, Jonah Hill received a lot of advices from Martin Scorsese and Ethan Coen about how to work with the movie.