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'Miss Bala' trivia and fun facts

Remake Remake of a Mexican movie of the same name, launched in 2011.
The name of the gang The gang featured in the film is called "Estrellas" and their logo is a lower-case "e" accompanied by a star. "Estrella" is the Spanish word for "star."
"Bala" "Bala" means "Bullet" in English which means the movie is called "Miss Bullet".
Delayed release The movie was going to be released on January 25th 2019, but it was delayed until February 1st 2019.
Real Tijuana The scenes taken place in Tijuana are the real Tijuana. Catherine Hadwicke refused to shoot in another place because she knew Tijuana due to her house is on the border between United States and Mexico.
Action scene Catherine Hadwick comments on a video about one of the rehearsals that she didn't like the separation lines in the parking lot where they shot, so they had to cover them. On the other side, the director says that she tries to get as many of the actors who appear on the scene as she can to the rehearsals so they can get a real sensation about it.
No heels Gina Rodriguez thought about wearing heels for an action scene in a parking lot, but because it was full of gravel she went with some tennis shoes.