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Mother!'s user reviews

The Guardian

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are tremendously operatic as the leads and it is great to welcome Michelle Pfeiffer back to the big screen in a pleasingly cruel supporting role.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The Playlist

'mother!' is something truly magnificent, the kind of visceral trash-arthouse experience that comes along very rarely.

Read review Jessica Kiang

A difficult film and one that's likely to offend in some ways. But as an elliptical, dream-logic infused visual poem, it certainly leaves a searing impression.

Read review Dan Jolin
The Hollywood Reporter

There?s certainly no faulting the actors, who, with the exception of the excellent and always audience-engaging Lawrence, all trigger a significant measure of creepiness.

Read review Todd McCarthy

But it also makes it a movie that?s about everything and nothing.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

'mother!' isn?t quite as fascinating as it thinks it is, and the hellish setting perhaps goes too far, but it is relentless and it sure is something that needs to be experienced.

Read review Brian Formo

Then, as the delirium begins to take hold of the film, it is evident that Aronofsky interprets cinema as that blank wall, a territory without pre-established norms on which to "create" with the anarchic freedom of an all-powerful demiurge.

Read review Manu Yáñez

It tries so desperately to be crazy and disturbing that all we can see is the effort made and the money spent.

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
Time Out

In an intensely personal way, 'Mother!' is an apology to anyone who's ever felt eaten alive by love at its most selfish.

Read review Joshua Rothkopf

At one point the film engages in a brazen act of cannibalism, forcing us to confront specific religious dogma.

Read review Ben Croll
El Mundo

'Mother!' is the opposite of this bombastic and even optimistic work on the void, although it shares ambition, delirium and, of course, the weight of the unseen.

Read review Luis Martínez
Entertainment Weekly

Anyone who?s seen Roman Polanski?s 1968 chiller masterpiece 'Rosemary?s Baby' will immediately get a whiff of déjà-vu watching mother! unfold.

Read review Chris Nasahwaty
The Wrap

For its combination of ambition and audacity, this is a glorious piece of cinematic insanity.

Read review Steve Pond
Screen Crush

Love it, hate it, or stuck somewhere in between, it?s something you simply need to see to believe.

Read review E. Oliver Whitney

It puts Jennifer Lawrence through the mill for no purpose except nurturing a strain of masochism of which she has been blessedly free.

Read review David Edelstein
Roger Ebert

A hallucination that's also an angry cry about the state of this world, but most importantly, a cinematic experience of unique proportions.

Read review Glenn Kenny