Year: 2017

Original Title: Mother

Country: USA

Length: 115 minutes

Genre: Drama, Mistery, Horror

Studios: Protozoa Pictures

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 15 2017

United States: September 15 2017


Ranking: 29 out of 12,888 movies (up 7)


7.4 by 15 media


The new film of Darren Aronofsky tells the story of a poet, played by Javier Bardem, and his wife, with Jennifer Lawrence in the role. The writter is striking a bad moment. A stranger (Ed Harris) arrives to their lonely country house with his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer). Their visit will return the poets inspiration and he will write the title that shall take him to the fame he wants. But the lifes of the people living in that house will change. Strange things start happening and push the main characters to their limits.


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Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky started dating during the production of this film This is the first time that Mark Margolis does not star in a movie by Darren Aronofsky, since he has always been part of the cast in every single one of his movies since his acting career started with 'Pi'. Michelle Pfeiffer admitted to have not understand the script the first time she read it, labeling it as "esoteric". However, she accepted the role due to how much she liked her character.