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Year: 2019
Original Title: Joker
Length: 120 minutes
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime
Studios: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 04 2019

United States: October 04 2019


Ranking: 1 out of 15,561 movies (up 1)


9.2 by 16 users

9.0 by Movie'n'co

7.4 by 10 media


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The film will focus on the origins of the evil character known as the Joker (portrayed this time around by the talented actor Joaquin Phoenix), exploring how and why this man, with the name of Arthur Fleck, became this villain and the most famous enemy in the history of Gotham City and the life of Batman. The official synopsis says the following words: "Joker centers around the iconic arch-nemesis of Bruce Wayne. It is an original, standalone and different story never seen before on the big screen. The exploration of Arthur Fleck, a man marginalised and disregarded by society, is not only a gritty and dark character study, but also a broader dark cautionary tale with an even darker message."


Cast Joker

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Arthur Fleck/ Joker

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro

Murray Franklin

Zazie Beetz

Zazie Beetz

Sophie Dumond

Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy

Penny Fleck

Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen

Thomas Wayne

Shea Whigham

Shea Whigham

Detective Burke



Trivia Joker

Frances McDormand turned down the role of the Arthur Fleck/Joker's mother, Penny. The Joker's make-up is very similar to John Wayne Gacy's, a serial killer who would often entertain children while dressed as "Pogo the clown". This make-up style was shunned by working clowns at the time as they strictly prohibit "sharp" ends in their make up, as it scares children. Three of the previous actors who have played the Joker - Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto - are Oscar winners (with Ledger winning for playing The Joker). Joaquin Phoenix has been nominated for an Oscar three times.