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'Motherless Brooklyn' trivia and fun facts

Second film This is the second film directed by Edward Norton. The first one was 'Keeping the Faith' (2000), starring Ben Stiller, Jenna Elfman and Norton himself.
Credited It's the first time that Edward Norton is credited as writter of a film, eve though the actor had already worked on scripts such as 'Fight Club', 'Frida' and 'The Incredible Hulk'.
David Lynch According to the book "Room to Dream", when the book was published, David Lynch eas offered the possibility of producing or directing it. Finally, he did not enter the project.
Fire A fire borke out during the shooting of the film in a New York building on March 22, 2018. Sadly, a firefighter named Michael Davidson, 37, died in the fire. Two other firefighters were injured.
Real or fiction Alec Baldwin's character Moses Randolph is based on real life city planner Robert Moses. Moses is largely to blame for the Brooklyn Dodgers leaving Brooklyn for los Angeles. The dodgers leaving Brooklyn is mentioned once in the movie on the radio and hinted at later when Randolph mentions a baseball team playing where he says.
Almost nothing Edward Norton said it took 45 days to shoot the entire movie.
Investigation Edward Norton met and consulted many members of the Tourette's Association of America to prepare for the role. The film has received approval from the organization as well.