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North by Northwest's user reviews

The Guardian

"The romcom suspense caper is a cinematic recipe that Alfred Hitchcock took with him to his grave; certainly I can't imagine anyone now succeeding in blending thrills, spills, caresses and laughs the way he did in this sublime classic from 1959"

Read review Peter Bradshaw

"Each viewing reveals something new to enhance the pleasure of watching the Master of Suspense at his most mischievous and assured."

Read review David Parkinson

"At times it seems Hitchcock is kidding his own penchant for the bizarre, but this sardonic attitude is so deftly handled it only enhances the thrills."

Read review Variety
The Telegraph

"'North by Northwest' is a magnificent thriller, but it's also very funny"

Read review Mark Monahan
The Hollywood Reporter

"Hitchcock is such a master of suspense that not many frames have passed before the audience has achieved complete identification with the characters and is knowing the thrill of vicarious fear and the shared pleasures of love and passion"

Read review Jack Moffitt
Time Out

"Hitchcock breezes through a tongue-in-cheek, nightmarish plot with a lightness of touch that's equalled by a charming performance from Grant"

Read review Dave Calhoun