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Perfectos desconocidos's user reviews

El País

Five minutes later I am hooked to the tragicomic, tense, pathetic, surreal, corrosive situations that this impeccably directed film presents, with the exemplary rhythm that each shot and sequence requires.

Read review Carlos Boyero
El Mundo

A superlative cast where everyone is better than good at all times and each performer has at least one particular glorious moment.

Read review Alberto Bermejo
The Hollywood Reporter

'Perfect Strangers' hits the comic sweet spot more often than it misses, and the face-offs between Alterio and Nieto have terrific moments.

Read review Jonathan Holland
El Periódico

Is far from the visual universe for which the director of 'Mutant Action' is recognized.

Read review Quim Casas
La Razón

An entertainment as fun as dark, and as bitter as a Jamaican coffee.

Read review Sergi Sánchez

Álex de la Iglesia manages to get all the juice out of his guest's skirt chaser thing.

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo

And when the game of truth begins, they are so predictable that one can only take refuge in the outstanding cast that, under the baton of the filmmaker, interprets this symphony of errors.

Read review Antonio Weinrichter

The director takes the starting material to his field, applies his eccentric and deformed optical building the characters and his formal virtuosity in the composition of the images.

Read review Beatriz Martínez