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'Pet Sematary' trivia and fun facts

Musical version The Ramones have a song called 'Pet Sematary'.
Second chance Tha film is the second adaptation from homonymous novel published by Stephen King in 1983, first one was in 1989.
Good impressions After the first screening in South by Southwest, critics have reacted in a positive way.
King's story Paradoxically, considering that Animal Cemetery was by far its greatest success until that date, Stephen King initially did not want it published. After writing it, he hid the novel in a drawer for three years, and only agreed to publish the novel after his wife, Tabitha, convinced him to fulfill a contractual commitment with the publisher. The reason for his reluctance was that it was his most personal novel to date, based on the year he had spent, with his family, in Orrington, Maine, while King was teaching at his old university. There the house they rented King was next to a road with so much traffic that the children of the place had built their own animal cemetery for pets that were victims of constant accidents. The idea of ??the animal cemetery was inspired by a personal experience, when the cat of King's daughter, Smucky, died hit on the road next to the family home. Shortly after, another truck was about to kill Owen, the novelist's two-year-old son, on the same road.
Meow Meow Six cats have been used in total to interpret the transcendental role of Church, the cat that sets off the descent into the hell of animal graveyard. "Well, actually, there were two cats who did most of the work," said co-director Dennis Widmyer. "Obviously, the screen looks like it's the same cat. That's how good those cats are. "The two especially skilled cats are called Tonic and Leo.