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'Alien: Covenant' trivia and fun facts

Change The title for the movie was changed from 'Alien: Paradise Lost' to 'Alien: Covenant'.
One more time Only Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce reprise their roles in this movie after 'Prometheus'.
Cast Rebecca Ferguson was considered for the lead role, but Katherine Waterston was eventually cast.
Franchise This is the 8th Feature Film in the 'Alien' Series.
Wagner, the other passenger One of the musical references of Alien: Covenant is the opera 'Das Rheingold' by Richard Wagner. In particular, the passage 'The entrance of the gods to Valhalla'
The other android by Fassbender Actor Michael Fassbender returns, but with a different character. Instead of David, it gives life to a different android, Walter. A less human android.
James Franco returns from climbing After interpreting the unfortunate climber of '127 hours', James Franco returns to the escalation in a brief intervention in Alien: Covenant
Why 'Covenant' The name of the ships is never random in Ridley Scott's movies. In 'Alien: The Eighth Passenger' the Nostromo ship paid tribute to the writer Joseph Conrad, whose director had adapted 'The Duelists'. 'Prometheus' referred to the Greek myth and its revision in 'Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus' by Mary Shelley. And Alien: Covenant? Covenant could refer to the Ark of the Covenant, the sacred chest with the Tables of Law that also starred in the Indiana Jones debut.
Companions from 'Fantastic Animals' Katherine Waterston and Carmen Ejogo had already worked together. They met for the first time in 'Fantastic Animals and Where to Find' in 2016. Waterson was Tina and Ejogo Seraphina Picquery. Now return to Alien: Covenant
Partner since Steve Jobs Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender had already worked together for the first time in 'Steve Jobs', the 2015 biopic about the founder of Apple. Waterson was Chrisann Brennan and played Michael Fassbender's partner in the role of Steve Jobs. Now return to Alien: Covenant