Proud Mary

Proud Mary
Poster Proud Mary

Title: Proud Mary

Original Title: Proud Mary

Year: 2018


Release Dates

  • UK: March 23 2018
  • United States: January 12 2018


'Proud Mary' es the story of a contract killer who was behind the track of a drug lord. When she finally finds him and kills him, she discover that her actions have left an orphan boy behind. A year after these events, and after running into the young boy again, she feels guilty and decides to rescue him from the terrible life on the streets where he was in danger. Despide her good intentions of getting him out of that hell, she realizes that she is not capable of providing him a good life, since she cannot get one for herself. Finally everything will get worse when she finds out that the young boy has awakened something within her that had always been there but never had the courage to process: her maternal instinct.



Babak Najafi Babak Najafi


Featurette 'Proud Mary' 1:02

Featurette 'Proud Mary'

January 23 2018

'Proud Mary' Trailer 2:19

'Proud Mary' Trailer

July 28 2017


Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary
Proud Mary



Loosely based on the movie 'Gloria' by John Cassavetes.


This film reunites Danny Glover and Margaret Avery, who starred together in The Color Purple (1985).

Hard Taraji

This is the second time Taraji P. Henson has played a hit woman. She had a similar role in Ases calientes (2006).

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