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Pulp Fiction's user reviews

The Washington Post

?PULP FICTION? is everything it?s said to be: brilliant and brutal, funny and exhilarating, jaw-droppingly cruel and disarmingly sweet.

Read review Desson Howe
The Hollywood Reporter

Some of Tarantino?s lines are so pure, you could mix ?em with 80 percent talcum powder and still make a big haul by selling in an alley somewhere.

Read review THR

How could you not love a movie where a character called Antwan Rockamora is constantly referred to as Tony Rocky Horror?

Read review Ian Freer

A brilliant American film noir with John Travolta and Bruce Willis barges in at the last minute to take top honors at Cannes.

Read review Richard Corliss
Chicago Sun-Times

The movie resurrects not only an aging genre but also a few careers.

Read review Roger Ebert
Time Out

Tarantino lacks, as yet, is the maturity to invest his work with anything that might provoke a heartfelt emotional response to his characters. Very entertaining, none the less.

Read review GA
The Guardian

The sheer directionless excitement that only Tarantino can conjure.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
Rolling Stone

Whatever you call it, Pulp Fiction is indisputably great.

Read review Peter Travers
Entertainment Weekly

Watching Pulp Fiction, you don?t just get engrossed in what?s happening on screen. You get intoxicated by it.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

A spectacularly entertaining piece of pop culture.

Read review Todd McCarthy
New York Times

"Pulp Fiction" uses the shock value of such contrasts to keep its audience constantly off-balance.

Read review Janet Maslin
Los Angeles Times

The temptation to embrace the entire two hours and 29 minutes of Tarantiniana is strong. But in truth this is a noticeably uneven film.

Read review Kenneth Turan