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ÚLTIMA HORA: La cárcel de Brieva aprueba un permiso navideño a Urdangarin


Year: 2017
Original Title: Radius
Length: 93 minutes
Genre: Science fiction, Thriller
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Ranking: 6,020 out of 15,702 movies (up 1728)


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A man wakes up amnesiac in the middle of nowhere. He doesn't know who he is, nor what he does there, and no one can help him: every time someone approaches him, he dies instantly. Soon after that, the man meet a woman who doesn't remember anything. The only memory of the woman is him. She tells him that both were travelling in a van when they has a car crash. Soon they will discover something more: she have the power to anul the effect that the man have in people. Get closer is the only way to save the world of him.

Cast Radius