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Rambo: Last Blood's user reviews

Los Angeles Times

While part of the film offers the violent action tropes typical of the series, there?s a surprisingly brooding examination of a warrior in winter, a dark story of a berserker who can?t let go.

Read review Kenneth Turan
The Hollywood Reporter

The character deserves better, and so does the audience. Far more thought went into that final sequence, admittedly effectively orchestrated by director Adrian Grunberg, than the rest of the film combined.

Read review Frank Scheck

On the surface, 'Last Blood' may be a mess of B-movie contrivances, but like its world-weary namesake, it?s also a timely window into the vanity of violent solutions, and why brutality is only viable when fighting for a lost cause.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Guardian

The result is cringemakingly written and clunkily directed, and even the final action sequence runs out of steam after a minute or so.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
New York Post

'Rambo: Last Blood' features what?s easily the most violent movie scene of the year. It?s awesome.

Read review Johnny Oleksinski

Quick as it is, though, you have time to wonder how these Mexican assassins can watch their comrades getting skewered, dismembered, and eviscerated by Rambo?s traps and not think, Maybe we should pull out and rethink this assault.

Read review David Edelstein

Here, it?s the screenwriters, not the cartel, who should be held accountable for conjuring a virginal relative only to violate and degrade her.

Read review Peter Debruge