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Year: 1985
Original Title: Ran
Length: 160 minutes
Genre: Drama, War, Action
Age rating: Suitable for 12 years and over

Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 01 2016

United States: August 18 2000


Ranking: 9,929 out of 16,229 movies (up 4651)


7.3 by 6 users


'Ran' is a 1985's Japanese film directeb by the great filmmaker that was Akira Kurosawa. This film is considered as a new cinematographic adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'King Lear'. It is also based on old Japanese legends about the great lords. Set in the 16th Century in Japan, after a lot of years being in charge, one the greatest warlords of the region, Lord Hidetora, announces his retirement and his intention to divide his land equally so his three sons can heir it. While the two older sons, Taro and Jiro, accept their father's wishes, the younger of them all, Saburo, disagrees as he believe that it would be bad for their land and their bond as a family. This decision will unleash a fight between the brothers to control the land.


Cast Ran