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Red Sparrow videos and trailers

Jennifer Lawrence gets drunk at the Stephen Colbert show #2

Jennifer Lawrence went to the Stephen Colbert show to present 'Red Sparrow', but they talked about a lot more

'Red Sparrow' Clip: 'Meet Nate'

Joel Edgerton is Nate in 'Red Sparrow'. Meet him in this clip.

'Red Sparrow' Clip: 'Meet Dominika'

Jennifer Lawrence plays Dominika in 'Red Sparrow'. Meet her in this clip.

'Red Sparrow' Trailer #2

Jennifer Lawrence is Russian spy Dominika Egorova in 'Red Sparrow'.

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'A Sparrow Knows'

Francis Lawrence helms Jennifer Lawrence once more in this film about a Russian spy.

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'Forced. Trained. Transformed'

What takes Dominika Egorova to become a spy? Find out in 'Red Sparrow'.

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'Determine Weakness. Extract Information'

Jennifer Lawrence becomes a red sparrow, a real machine of gathering information.

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'She's Out of Your League'

To die or to become a spy? Jennifer Lawrence faces this difficult decision on 'Red Sparrow'.

'Red Sparrow' Super Bowl Spot

Jennifer Lawrence becomes a lethal Soviet assassin in her new thriller

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'You Are Very Dangerous'

Jennifer Lawrence becomes a manipulative spy in her latest film.

'Red Sparrow' TV Spot: 'You Will Be Trained'

Jennifer Lawrence becomes a lethal spy in this Francis Lawrence film.

Trailer 'Red Sparrow'

Dominika Egorova is a Russian attractive spy with high capabilities for manipulation, having been trained by the Sparrow School.