Return to Dust

Return to Dust
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Title: Return to Dust

Original Title: Yin Ru Chen Yan

Year: 2022


Release Dates

  • UK: November 04 2022


Ma (Wu Renlin) and Cao (Christina Hai) have been expelled from their respective families and forced to marry. She is humble and simple, and he is very shy, but both are aware that they will have to put aside the shames to try to prosper the arranged marriage. In the midst of adversity and with the strength of both begins to build a home and begin to feel as a bond begins to forge between them. The Earth and the attunement you feel with it and its cycles will help you create a haven to thrive.

'Return to Dust' is a drama directed and signed by filmmaker Li Ruijun, author of numerous Chinese titles such as 'Gaosu tamen, wo cheng baihe qu le' or 'Jia zai shui cao feng mao di fang'. The film stars Wu Renlin, who in addition to actor is producer and art designer, and by Christina Hai ('My country, my parents').

Released in China and in numerous festivals last year, the film already has several nominations and some awards. In Spain, it has won the award for best film at the Valladolid International Film Festival and the Barcelona Asian Film Festival. Internationally he has also won other awards at the Lisbon and Estoril Festival or at the Berlin Festival. The film is produce by Hucheng No.7 Films, Gansu Qizi Culture & Media and distributed by BTeam Pictures.


Li Ruijun Li Ruijun


'Return to Dust' VOSE trailer 1:38


Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust
Return to Dust


Banned from China

This movie was banned from the streaming services in China on september for unknown reasons. It was also banned from the social media.

Where was filmed?

The movie was filmed in the director's hometown, the village of Hugiangzi, in Gansu province. Most of the crew are residents of the village, except for a few of the main characters. In fact, the mud houses where the protagonists live in the movie can be found everywhere in this place.


This film shows how the local government pays farmers to demolish their ruined and unused houses to execute a more important government command to improve the appearance of the little village. Some of the villagers that left the village to work outside in bigger and better cities in China decided to return home to consent the demolition of their old houses in order to receive the money the government promised.

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