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'Rings' trivia and fun facts

Old character Naomi Watts, the lead character on the first two films, will not return for this one.
Possible prequel At first it was rumored that the film would be a prequel but the director confirmed via Twitter that it was going to be a sequel, set in present time.
Spanish director The director is the sapniard Francisco Javier Gutiérrez, born in Granada the 5th of July, 1973. he is known for his sci-fi, drama film 'Before the fall'.
Visual effects According to special makeup effects designer, Arjen Tuiten, it took more than 6 hours to complete Samara's makeup and her costume featured a water rig under the dress that allowed the character to constantly drip water.
The makeup effects This is the first film in the series that the makeup effects were not done by Rick Baker, who had the previous two.