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Última hora Importante descenso de contagios y muertes en las últimas 24 horas en España

Sauvage's user reviews

Vanity Fair

"Heartbreaking (...) The movie gets some kind of elegance in the sweet and quiet moments".

Read review Richard Lawson
The Hollywood Reporter

"The fact that Leo never lets go of his ability to give or receive love is part of the complexity of a character who keeps you watching even when the drama seems plotless and aimless".

Read review David Rooney

"Camille Vidal-Naquet's straightforward but impressively, well, savage debut is a powerful portrait of a gay male prostitute in freefall".

Read review Guy Lodge
Screen Daily

"An immersive, frank and surrounding portrait, reinforced by an impressive way thanks to the imposing performance by Félix Maritaud".

Read review Lisa Nesselson