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Year: 2018
Original Title: Second Spring
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Miracle Communications

Release Dates

United Kingdom: July 31 2020


Ranking: 13,951 out of 16,179 movies (up 2168)


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'Second Spring' tells the story of Kathy Deane (newcomer Cathy Naden). After a series of unusual events, it becomes clear that Kathy's mental state is not operating as it once was. A life-changing diagnosis of a rare type of dementia leads her to leave her marriage to the ever-secure Tim (Matthew Jure, 'The Pugilist', 'Peaky Blinders') to live with Nick (Jerry Killick, 'Galloping Mind', 'Monkey Sandwick'), a free-spirited man she barely knows. Her rapid descent into mental illness causes Kathy to act irrationally and without empathy, despite remaining self-aware. She hopes that the wild and open Nick is the change she needs. Nick takes her to his childhood hometown in the north of Kent, full of nature and marshes, and Kathy begins to try and find herself and hope for the future in the midst of dementia with the help of the beautiful, rugged Kentish landscape. 'Second Spring' is directed by Andy Kelleher ('Alan Clarke: Out of His Own Light', 'Digging for Britain') and written by Martin Herron ('Irina Palm'). It is the last film to be shot on Fujifilm stock. Joining the cast are Indra Ové ('Good Omens', 'Resident Evil'), Sakuntala Ramanee ('Line of Duty', 'Doctors'), Simeon Willis ('The Gatehouse', 'Hetty Feather') and Chloe Hannaford ('The Coroner', 'Liv').