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Year: 2020
Original Title: Sergio
Length: 118 minutes
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Netflix
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 17 2020

United States: April 17 2020


Ranking: 1,763 out of 16,089 movies (up 1128)


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Charismatic, idealistic, determined, humanitarian. Sergio Vieira de Mello has spent most of his profesional life working for United Nations, traveling to the most unstable regions of the world to negotiate with revolutionaries, presidents, war criminals,... His goal is to help the humble people that live in those places that have no one to protect them. Sergio was ready to settle with his family: his children and Carolina, the woman he loves, and stop putting himself in deadly risk. He is assigned one last job: to go to Bagdad. This territory has become one of the most dangerous places in the world with the recent US military occupation. Sergio has been in this kind of situation before, but this time he would not be able to avoid being in the center of the conflict. A bomb explotes in the hotel Sergio is staying in. The walls crumbled on top of the diplomatic, leaving him bury in rocks. His life will be in great danger while he waits to be rescued. 'Sergio' is based in a real-life story about the humanitarian work of Sergio de Mello and the bombing of the Canal Hotel. This drama is directed by Greg Baker ('Manhunt') and starring Wagner Moura ('Narcos') and Ana de Armas ('Knives Out'). This film premieres worldwide the April 17th 2020 on Netflix.


Cast Sergio

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura

Sérgio Vieira de Mello

Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas

Carolina Larriera

Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

Bill von Zehle

Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford

Paul Bremer



Trivia Sergio

The director Greg Barker has made many documentaries about the US politics like 'Manhunt' or 'The Final Year'. The story in which this film is made was already made by him into a documentary: 'Sergio' for HBO in 2009. The script for 'Sergio' is based on the book 'Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World' by Samantha Power. Power won a Pulitzer in 2003. She was a consultant in this film. Ana de Armas was Barker's fist option to play Carolina. Before trying to contact her, another member of the cast, Clemens Schick told him he was friends with her. So, it was Schick the one that show 'Sergio' script to de Armas.