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Shazam! videos and trailers

'Shazam!' Spot #2: "Power Thunder"

Shazam tests his newly given powers on this brand new spot for the film.

'Shazam!' Spot: "Serious"

'Shazam!' tells the story of Billy Batson, a 15 year old kid whose given the powers of Shazam, a hero on Superman's power level.

'Shazam!' tráiler #3

Zachary Levi stars in this new sneak peek of the upcoming DC adventure that hits theaters on April 5, 2019.

'Shazam!' trailer #2

The new trailer for 'Shazam!', next step in the DC Cinematic Universe, shows the transformation of Billy Batson into Shazam. Then, he jokes about his new powers while doing daily stuff.

'Shazam' Trailer

First trailer of 'Shazam' arrives from San Diego Comic-Con.