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Sonic the Hedgehog's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Light entertainment that will not offend anyone (...) Fowler makes the story unfold effectively and Marsden's natural sympathy prevents narrative simplicity from becoming heavy

Read review John DeFore

Fantasy comedy aimed at children who are saved from the embarrassment of others. (...) skates (...) in the action scenes (...) and those little charismatic drones are far-reaching problems.

Read review Yago García

And you thought fixing Sonic?s teeth would make this movie any less of a nightmare.

Read review David Ehrlich

We all know that your average Hollywood comedy tends to include some on-set improvisation, but in this case the contrast between the leaden pseudo-brashness of the rest of the movie and the ping! of Carrey?s dialogue is so marked that it almost feels like he made up his entire character on the spot.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The A.V. Club

A nattering chore of a ?family? comedy that feels written by committee and directed by indifferent machine.

Read review A.A. Dowd
New York Times

The improvements in the appearance of Sonic have not helped the script to stop being generic

Read review Ben Kenigsberg
USA Today

The film is fine, familiar fare for gamers and children: Sonic sprints, Carrey mugs, but the creative juices run out quickly.

Read review Brian Truitt
The Guardian

Like its fast-moving, attention-deficient hero, this just feels like a rush job.

Read review Steve Rose
El País

Movie whose only virtue is the lack of ambition, and where an old star [Carrey] is used (...) melifluas situations for accompanying parents without molasses allergy, and easy laughs for children that do not exceed 10 years .

Read review Javier Ocaña